• 1988 - Plans to rejuvenate the Ellicott Mall were under discussion

  • 1990 - The Ellicott Mall Partnership was selected to undertake the project

  • 1994 - The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority conveyed title to the Phase I portion of the site for $1.00 to the Ellicott Mall Partnership and 123 apartments were made available to low and moderate income families

  • 1995 - The remaining parcels of the site were conveyed

  • 1996 - Norstar Development provides for commercial job opportunities for Ellicott Town Center through commercial and retail business like the KinderGarden Daycare Center which opened for business offering a 8,000 sq. ft. space for 50 children, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and a Dental Clinic

  • 1996 - 1997 - Construction of 22 three and four bedroom townhouse units were for sale to qualified buyers

  • 1998 - Ellicott Town Center Completion Celebration – Dedication of Clemmon H. Hodges, Sr. Community Center

  • 2013 - The First Shiloh Baptist Church became the sole owner of the Corporations and the partnership was thereby terminated

  • 2014 - We celebrated our success with an appreciation ceremony to the founders of the First Shiloh Housing Corporations, thanked our supporters and formally introduced the new entity to the community with a block party

James F. Williams


Judine Agostini


George K. Arthur

Benjamin Dockery

William W. Houston III

Rev. Jonathan R. Staples

Angela Woodson-Brice

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First Shiloh Housing Corporations

James Williams, President

First Shiloh Housing Corporations Board

15 Pine Street, Buffalo, NY 14204

Hours: 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Tuesday - Friday

Tel: (716)847-6555 




The First Shiloh Housing Corporations are not-for-profit organizations, dedicated to providing quality housing facilities and services to low and moderate income residents of Erie County. We provide and support programs and services that sustain their health, security, happiness and usefulness in an ethical and professional manner.


Our vision is to assist in the stabilization and enrichment of the neighborhood encompassing the First Shiloh Baptist Church. As stewards of the community, we promote a spirit of cooperation and coalescence with all residents, homeowners, businesses, developers and community leaders who have a similar purpose. We welcome opportunities to further engage in community development, and promote active participation and inclusion of our residents within the greater community


Grace D. Tate

Vice President

Jennifer L. Washington


Trina Burruss

David L. Edmunds Jr., Esq.

Cindy C. Lucas, Esq.

Nancy Thompson

Nancy J. Hargro (Emeritus)

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*A few present and past board members with management staff on tour of our properties

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