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First Shiloh Housing Corporations History

The Ellicott Town Center became a reality because of a partnership involving various levels of government, private sector, community-based organizations and religious institutions that formed a broad consensus regarding “reusing” and “recycling” the Ellicott Mall public housing project. This collaborative effort has now redeveloped and rebuilt the Ellicott Mall site into a “show-case” redevelopment. Eight old 1950’s style, 8-story high-rise towers with small dimly lit apartments were gutted, demolished or renovated. They were replaced with larger modern apartments, townhomes, senior citizen homes and other neighborhood amenities. The total cost of the Ellicott Town Center was approximately $40 million dollars. This over 14 acre site is strategically situated just a few blocks from Buffalo’s thriving downtown business and Theater District, baseball park, Erie Community College City Campus and the all new Canalside.


Clemmon H. Hodges, Sr. (deceased) was the first President and Col. Craven M. Givens (deceased) was the first Vice President. These two members navigated the waters from the beginning of the building project through to completion. Jennifer L. Washington and David L. Edmunds, Jr., Esq. are two founding board members who continue to play active roles on the board. George K. Arthur (deceased), a Common Council member at the start of the project, served as an active board member until his passing in 2020. Some government, organizations and deceased key people that should be mentioned include the State of New York, City of Buffalo, Kavinoky Cook LLP, Norstar, First Shiloh Baptist Church, Belmont Management Company, the Buffalo Urban League, King W. Peterson, Sandree Blue, and Ivorite Echols.


Now, the First Shiloh Housing Corporations comprised from the First Shiloh 202 Housing Corporation, First Shiloh 211 Housing Development Fund Corporation, Shiloh 4 & 7 Housing Development Fund Corporation and Shiloh Senior Housing Development Fund Corporation strives to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of the diverse population of the Ellicott District in the City of Buffalo by offering safe, affordable, well managed quality housing. We also strive to promote the health, security and happiness of the residents and others in the surrounding community. We try to advance our purpose in many ways; including buying, selling, constructing and leasing real and personal property.

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