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                                                                         Ellicott Town Center – Project Description


The project involves the rehabilitation and preservation of the Ellicott Town Center (ETC) affordable housing complex.

The scope of work includes necessary site work, building envelope, interior common area, apartment, and building system replacements and updates. The following items, among others, will be addressed as part of the project:


  • Site Work: Sidewalk repairs; landscaping updates; parking lot repaving; updated site lighting

  • Building Envelope (Exterior): Roof replacements; replacement of vinyl siding (senior homes); window and door replacements

  • Interior Common Areas (Towers and Standalone Community Building): Repainting; flooring replacements; bathroom updates; lighting updates

  • Apartments: Kitchen and bathroom updates (flooring, finishes, cabinets, ranges/hoods, vanities); interior painting; interior door replacements; lighting updates

  • Building Systems: Boiler recommissioning; updated intercom systems; smoke detector and sprinkler head replacements; updated security/ camera systems


The scope of work includes a variety of energy efficiency, water conservation and health-related improvements for the benefit of tenants and the project as a whole.


The project will be financed through the NYS Housing Finance Agency.  Renovations are expected to begin in 2023.



Stella Brown (Ellicott Town Center Relocation Counselor) - contact for tenants


Phone number: 914-261-5784.





MARCH 2023






Beacon Communities and the First Shiloh Housing Corporation are anticipating closing on all financing on or around March 30, 2023, with the expectation to start renovation work in early April 2023.

The renovation work is expected to take place over the course of 2 years with completion of the project expected in Spring 2025.

Additional information will be provided in early April.









Ellicott Town Center

Resident Meeting Questions & Answers

As of October 2022


  • What will happen to the garage door opener I had installed in my senior unit?


  • Please tell the Relocation Counselor if you put in a garage door opener. We will work with you to have this removed before renovations start.


  • What will be done with customized items in senior units?


  • Please tell the Relocation Counselor if you put in customized blinds, closets, window treatments, mirrors, etc. We will address this on a case-by-case basis to determine what can be done to remove these items before renovations start.


  • What will the new flooring be in the senior units?


  • There will be sheet vinyl in the kitchens and bathrooms, luxury vinyl tile in the hallways and living rooms, and carpeting in the bedrooms.


  • Will there be any new amenities in the units?


  • As part of the renovations, units will receive new refrigerators and ranges.


  • Will you insulate the senior unit garage doors?


  • The scope of the project currently includes new garage doors that are insulated


  • What types of door handles will be in the units?


  • There will be lever door handles in the units.


  • Can you prepare a questionnaire for senior tenants?


  • The Relocation Counselor will provide an individual assessment to any tenant. During this assessment, notes will be taken to ensure appropriate assistance is provided to all tenants requesting assistance.


  • Are you going to level out the floors in bathrooms, so tiles do not crack?


  • Bathroom floors will be replaced during renovations. If the floor seems unlevel, it will be addressed before the new flooring is put down.


  • What types of safety features will be in the senior unit bathrooms?


  • We are currently looking into ways to increase safety in the senior unit bathrooms, which may include adding grab bars.


  • Will you be upgrading the electrical systems?


  • The existing electrical systems inside the apartments are not going to be upgraded.


  • Will I be signing a new lease?


  • Before you move into your newly renovated unit, you will be signing a new lease for that unit. If you have Section 8, you may also need to sign a new lease for your temporary on-site unit. If you move off site during renovations, you will likely need to sign a new lease with the landlord. Please discuss your individual situation with the Relocation Counselor.


  • Are you removing bathtubs from the senior units?


  • We are removing bathtubs and replacing them with showers in some, but not all, of the senior units.


  • Will there be dumpsters available for bulk items?


  • Yes. Dumpsters are going to be available for bulk trash items if you need them.


  • Can you provide a list of HCR projects?


  • If you are interested in voluntarily moving off-site, please contact the Relocation Counselor at 914-261-5784 and we can provide you with a list of other HCR projects.


  • Are you putting in central air conditioning?


  • Central air conditioning is not being put in as part of the renovation work.


  • Can you move back to your same unit?


  • It is unlikely that you will return to the same unit you are currently in now.


  • What is the $1,000 for?


  • A limited number of tenants will be provided $1,000 on a first come, first served basis if they voluntarily elect to move off site before renovations start. You can use the $1,000 however you want.


  • Can I come back if I take the $1,000?


  • If you voluntarily elect to move off site and receive the $1,000, please keep your contact information up to date with the Relocation Counselor. You will be contacted when the last set of units are completed to submit an application for a new unit.


  • Can I get the $1,000 moving incentive and my security deposit returned?


  • If you complied with the terms of your lease and your unit is in good condition when you move, you are eligible for the $1,000 moving incentive and to receive your security deposit back.


  • Will the unit I move into temporarily be in good condition?


  • Yes. No one will be temporarily moved into a unit that is in poor condition.


  • Will my rent go up?


  • We are still working with NYS to determine the new rents. Tenants should expect between a 4% and 6% rent increase. This is similar to the annual rent increases at the property now over a 2 to 3 year period.


  • When are you going to start?


  • The current plan is to start renovations on the first tower (211 East Eagle) and first 6 senior units in January 2023.


  • When do I have to move?


  • This depends on where you currently live. The first tower that will be renovated is 211 East Eagle. Tenants in this tower will start moving to a comparable on-site unit in October 2021.


  • How much notice will I be given to move?


  • You will be given at least 30 days’ notice.


  • How long will this take?


  • The entire project is expected to take 2 years to complete.


  • Will there by laundry hook-ups in units?


  • We are not adding laundry hook-ups to units that do not currently have them.


  • Will there be cameras in the elevators?


  • We are currently looking into adding more cameras, including cameras in the tower elevators. We understand this is a very important topic for a lot of residents.


  • Will there be more storage space?


  • We are not adding any additional storage space inside the apartments. This would require moving walls and making bedrooms or living rooms smaller.


  • Will any new tenants move into renovated apartments before existing residents?


  • No. All existing tenants will be considered first before going to the waiting list or general public.


  • Do I have to apply for a new unit?


  • Yes. All tenants will need to submit an application before moving into a new unit. This is required by NYS.


  • Will I move into the same size unit?


  • Your new unit size will depend on the size of your household and any reasonable accommodations. This will be determined when you apply for your new unit.


  • Will people who have lived here the longest get priority for a new unit?


  • There will be no preference for new units.


  • Do I have to go back to the same floor I was on before?


  • Tenants do not need to go back to the same floor. It is unlikely that tenants will go back to the same floor.


  • Will you have a model unit?


  • We will not have a model unit.


  • Are any of the units going to be sold?


  • No. All units at the property will remain rental units.


  • Will the moving company have insurance?


  • Yes.


  • Are more cameras going in?


  • We are currently looking into adding more cameras, including cameras in the elevators.


  • Will senior units have security systems?


  • Security alarm systems are not being added to the senior units.


  • Will doors be secured better?


  • Yes. The tower entry doors will be replaced and better secured. Entry doors to the senior homes will also be replaced.

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